RJ Premium Walnut

  • ₱10,999.00

From our newest line of Premium Acoustic Guitar this 2015 The RJ Premium acoustic Guitar, WALNUT

Walnut wood ; Dence and fairly heavy with sonic characteristics similar to those of mahogany, Walnut is occasionally used in Electric guitar bodies.

It tends to be warm and full, but usually with a firmer low end,and more overall tightness. Walnut rich brown color and often pleasing grain patterns means it looks good under the simple coat of  translucent lacquer.

RJ Premium acoustic guitar walnut is a world class Dreadnought standard shape Acoustic (Folk ) Guitar with RJ Premium EQ with tuner with under the saddle piezo pickup.With built in digital tuner. Dreadnought is a traditional shape for flat picker refined for the modern era.

Designed for Hard picking , Deep low end with driving rythm.

Top: Flamed Walnut
Back and side: Flamed Walnut
Neck: Nato 42mm nut width
Fretboard: Rosewood with Acrylic Abalone fretboard marker

Comes with built in RJ Premium EQ with Digital tuner!

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