Taylor GS Mini e Walnut/Spruce Acoustic Guitar

  • ₱35,699.00

Taylor GS Mini-e Walnut Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Solid Sitka spruce top sounds as beautiful as it looks and is adaptable for a variety of playing styles
  • Layered walnut back and sides give you excellent tone and structural integrity
  • Sapele neck with ebony fingerboard gives you a comfortable, toneful playing experience
  • ES-B pickup designed by the same people who built your guitar
  • 5mm dot fretboard inlays, chrome tuners, and 3-ring rosette accent

GS Mini body shape gives great sound in a mini package

The award-winning original GS Mini was designed to be the ultimate musical companion. Inspired by the big, bold sound of Taylor's Grand Symphony (GS) body shape, the Mini scales the GS body down without skimping on sound — packing a ton of tone into a comfortable travel size and giving you a guitar that's full-voiced and incredibly fun to play. At Sweetwater, we think of the GS Mini as a modern-day parlor guitar, perfect for playing around the house but also built to fit an active lifestyle.

The richness of walnut and the brightness of Sitka spruce

Walnut has long been prized by furniture makers for its stunning, varied grain and myriad hues, but in the world of instrumental sound, it also equals clear treble coupled with a powerfully woody bottom end that mellows and deepens over time. This Taylor GS Mini has layered walnut back and sides that offer the crispness and heft of walnut along with enhanced resistance to changes in humidity — a must-have for many of Sweetwater's traveling musicians. The miniature Grand Symphony body style further enhances the wide-ranging tone and excellent balance. But let's not forget what some would consider the most important part of any guitar; this Mini-e is built with a solid Sitka spruce top. Sitka spruce, Bob Taylor's personal favorite for an all-around great guitar, is adaptable for any playing style, and its tone will become richer and more complex as the years go by.

Incredibly natural sound with full dynamics

Traditionally, acoustic-electric guitars have employed under-saddle piezo transducers, but Taylor goes about it a bit differently. Their Expression System-B uses a proprietary pickup behind the saddle. The pickup's three individually calibrated, precisely positioned piezo-electric sensors respond organically to the instrument's acoustic energy as it's transferred through the saddle. In concert with Taylor's custom-designed preamp (which delivers a 25% hotter signal), the result is a natural acoustic sound with incredible dynamic range and responsiveness to your pick or finger attack. Sweetwater's guitar gurus are mightily impressed with Taylor's Expression System-B. Whether you're onstage playing through a PA, plugged into an acoustic amp, or running direct into recording software, the ES-B faithfully conveys the voice of your Taylor guitar.

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